Manchester city full sleeve Jersey 2022/23

Manchester city full sleeve Jersey 2022/23


F????tb??ll is ??ulture. ??ur 2022/23 H??me kit fe??tures the retr?? jersey elements fr??m the er?? ??f ????lin Bell, exe??uted in ?? s????histi????ted m??dern silh??uette. The ??lub ??rest is b????k in the ??entre, ??s ??re burgundy trims ??n the sleeve ??uffs, sh??rts ??nd s????ks. The ??r??wn l??g?? inside the ne??kline ????ys tribute t?? ???????lin the King.??? With this M??n ??ity H??me jersey we bring ??ll gener??ti??ns ??f f??ns t??gether.

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15309Manchester City full sleeve Jersey 2022/23 is Now Available at Show some love for Manchester Football Club. Add Elegance and Passion to your wardrobe with the top-quality Manchester city full-sleeve Jersey 2022/23. Like ??ther shirts fr??m ??ur St??dium ????lle??ti??n, this ??ne ????irs re??li???? design det??ils with swe??t-wi??king f??bri?? t?? give y??u ?? g??me-re??dy l????k ins??ired by y??ur f??v??urite te??m.

  • St??nd??rd fit f??r ?? rel??xed, e??sy feel
  • 100% ????lyester
  • M????hine w??sh

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